Charity Events

About Our Charity Events

Not only can you participate in dozens of types of games and meet lots of awesome people, but you can support a worthy cause, too! (So if anyone hassles you about attending the Con, you can assure them that it’s almost like volunteering!)

Keystone Mission

We support the Keystone Mission and their distribution of food and clothing to those in need. You can support them a number of ways.

  • Donate food or other items! Items can be placed on the designated charity table in the hotel’s main lobby.
  • Participate in our Charity Auction! You can bring items to be auctioned off with all proceeds going to the Keystone Mission. Of course you can buy items in our charity auction, or just drive up the price for someone else.
  • Participate in our Dice Guess. The person with the closest guess gets the jar of dice and all proceeds go to the Keystone Mission. We also accept donations of dice to fill our dice jar.

Please consider helping by participating in one (or more!) of the above ways! They are most in need of protein items (peanut butter, tuna, spam), dry cereal, mac and cheese, pasta sauce, canned fruit, and jelly. However, all donations will be accepted. Cash is also helpful as that allows them to purchase what they need most. Please bring any monetary donations to the MEPACON Registration desk.

Animal Rescues Charities

We also support St. Cats of Scranton, Roberta’s Rescue. Please like them on Facebook and feel free to bring donations!

At the Fall 2017 convention, attendees donated: 53 lbs of dry cat food (2 large bags and 1 small bag), 137 cans of wet cat food (2 large cases and the rest in single cans), 2 bags of dog food, and 2 feeding/water bowls.

St. Cats of Scranton and Roberta’s Rescue: Most needed items include dry cat food, wet cat food, kitty litter, clean towels (for bedding), and cat toys. In order to make shelters for winter, other useful items include plastic totes, bins with lids, Styrofoam coolers or sheets, straw (not hay), duct tape, plastic plant pots, and tarps.

Our registration prices



This includes:

  • All three days of gaming for one person
  • Access to the vendor floor
  • Entry into Saturday auction
  • Full use of Game Library



This includes:

  • All three days of gaming for child under ten years of age
  • Access to children's track games
  • Children's LARP
  • Coloring Island
  • All regular registration benefits

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